The leading digital marketing methods you should be using in 2020

September 22, 2020 | significant

The leading digital marketing methods you should be using in 2020

Depending on how you look at it, digital marketing has become a lot more challenging in 2020 or has become a lot more simple. That is because there are so many ways you can reach your consumers these days that we are spoiled for choice.

The challenge lies in choosing the right platforms for your digital marketing campaigns that are going to have the most impact and reach the right audience. Your marketing budget will only stretch so far so you are not going to be able to invest in every new platform that hits the market, so choosing wisely will be key to your success.

We have outlined the three leading digital marketing methods in 2020 and some of the selections may surprise you, as a lot of the newer methods like Tik Tok did not make the cut. Take a look and see if your digital marketing strategies are aligned with the best current trends.


Email remains a strong and effective marketing tool

With so many shiny new marketing tools at our disposal in 2020, it can be easy to neglect the old favourites. But do so at your peril, because email marketing remains one of the most effective methods to reach customers even despite the volume of other options available to marketers.

Email campaigns are simple to share using platforms like MailChimp and the metrics are easy to measure so you can reliably tailor your campaigns to your audience for greater success. Your audience is already targeted and they are already engaged as they have had a touchpoint with your website and operations and the costs are very low.

The actual emails you can send have evolved alongside websites so you can include videos and other features that are tailored to desktop, mobile and tablet devices – in fact, they are basically mini websites delivered right to your customers’ front doors.

Still not convinced? An Adobe study has revealed that millennials will spend 6.4 hours every single day reading their emails. That is 80 per cent of the working day the new generation is spending in their inbox, so it is important your marketing campaigns are reaching them there.



SMS marketing still holds sway 

SMS is another form of old school marketing that can be neglected because of all the fancy new tools and platforms available. But traditional SMS campaigns are still highly effective, as they reach your target audience directly on their mobile phone but it doesn’t interrupt what they are doing on a social media platform, they can read it at their leisure.

The data you get from SMS campaigns is highly trackable and valuable so you can hone in your targeting to the most loyal and engaged customers who are finding value from your messages and acting on them either through purchasing or click-throughs to your website.

It is an easy and affordable way to quickly relay information and value to your customers like specials, sales and discounts and it is a personal way of reaching them as well so they will feel valued that you have sent them a feature that feels like it is just for them.


Video content is king

 Video is rapidly becoming the best form of marketing in the modern world with people expected to watch up to 100 minutes of video content every day in 2021.

This is largely because smartphone ownership is rising dramatically and everyone has access to portable screens with high-speed internet like 5G and data plans that allow them to watch video to their heart’s content at any location, any time of day.

It is not only easier and more affordable to access video content, it is much easier to create it as well. You don’t need a dedicated videographer to craft your video marketing campaigns as there are many platforms available that give even novice video makers the ability to create engaging and compelling content with animations, overlays and much more.

The cost of video-making equipment has also fallen dramatically. While higher-end, HD recording equipment may still be expensive, it is not prohibitive and you can produce videos by simply using the latest models of smartphones and the vast array of editing apps as well as tools like teleprompters which make video production much more accessible to small businesses and sole operators.

Video is also a way to provide a personal, one-on-one form of communication which has become increasingly more important in the COVID-19 era where more people are working from home, there are fewer events and travel is highly restricted. You can reach people in their own homes, on their own devices and connect with them using personalised visual content that bridges the divide pandemic restrictions may be causing.


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