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Google shopping Reel in more traffic to your products and gain an increase in sales for your ecommerce store with Google Shopping. Get started with Significant now.

Land more sales with Google Shopping services

Designed to put your brand on the pedestal, Google Shopping ads allow you to position your biggest products and goods in front of interested eyes. Convert more leads into customers who return time and time again, allowing you to grow your business overall and establish long-term ecommerce success.

How does Google Shopping work?

While this channel doesn’t directly sell your products to shoppers, it places them in prime real estate on search results pages across Google – aka, at the very top. For example, if you sell sneakers in Melbourne, you can effectively use Google Shopping management services to target this keyword and have your range appear in a carousel format at the top of search results. This leads to click-throughs to your landing page, increasing conversions and ROI for your business overall.
When you’re struggling to garner more traffic to your online storefront, ads like this give you an easy way to instantly attract results. Allowing for quicker wins than SEO, this paid tactic is ideal for those needing rapid traction.

Our refined process

Having established ourselves as a reputable Google Shopping company in Australia, we help brands from all walks of life set up for success on this agile platform. From the beginning, we’ll collaborate to better understand your goals, refining the strategy as we go to kick off with a bang. From there, we’ll target the most advantageous, high-volume keywords for your brand, aligning our goals with yours. We’ll keep tabs on every facet of your campaign, ensuring it runs like a well-oiled machine, both now and into the future.
To top it all off, we deliver transparent reporting that shows you the cost-per-click and numbers gained through the strategy. Where needed, we’ll make amendments, constantly refining your campaign to deliver the results you’re after.

Ready to land more sales?

If sitting on top of Google sounds like a good time, get in touch with Significant now to reap the benefits of having the spotlight on your products. Trust our experts to ensure you’re well-primed for success, enjoying a cost-effective approach to digital marketing that keeps you in control of your spend.

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