Message from the Managing Director

Peter Magee

It’s no secret that in today’s market an online presence is essential to business success. That’s why at Significant Digital we have made it our mission to ensure our clients get their business online and thriving with fast, efficient service custom to your needs.
Our team of experts develop highly strategic digital campaigns tailored to your business goals. We get your brand in front of the right audiences, driving qualified traffic to your website so you can create solid leads, increase sales and boost your revenue. We specialise in using innovative digital tools and strategy to create brand authority, building a robust online presence for your business.
Through meticulous competitor analysis and using the latest in keyword research, we will secure your online space and deploy comprehensive campaigns to get you to the top of your industry.


As the Founder and Managing Director of Significant Digital my primary focus is to ensure you get the very best from our team. This means delivering industry leading service that is quick, stress free and above all, successful. I am proud to lead a team of highly skilled experts with the technical ability and commitment to execute digital marketing campaigns that deliver.
As a business owner and operator I understand how valuable time and resources are to you. My team and I value transparency and believe true business success is delivering meaningful results that meet and exceed the objectives of our clients. With Significant your goals are our priority, and we’ll go out of our way to ensure you get the best value for your money.


We have a pretty detailed vision as a company. Do we want to be the biggest agency? No. Do we want to have a high retention rate of clients who are getting great results? Yes. We aren’t driven to having the biggest company in Australia and we won’t take just any business on so we make lots of revenue. We will only take on clients who we know we can help grow and take to the next level.


Since we live and breath digital marketing we are driven to partner up with businesses to grow their online presence, drive qualified customers to their website and help them generate business through their online e-commerce store or get their phone ringing for customers wanting their services.


Our philosophy here is we will not work with just any business who wants to do online marketing. We will do the necessary review of the customers requirements and expectations, the industry they are in and marketing budgets to drive the business forward. We only want to help businesses that genuinely want to go to the next level and willing to invest in this.

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