Promote your offering through Amazon marketing

Feel like you’ve got a missing piece of the puzzle in your digital marketing efforts? We’re here to help you fill the gap, effectively tying all loose ends together to power up your advertising suite. If you’re currently struggling to land traction on the web, Significant is your first port of call for Amazon marketing. Let us explain why.

What is an Amazon marketing strategy?

Useful for more than just fast delivery and nifty products you didn’t know you needed, Amazon is also a great place to advertise your business. Just like Google, Bing, YouTube and other platforms, this channel is another form of real estate waiting ready for the taking.

So what is this marketing effort, and how does it work?

Essentially, this form of advertising is a group of actions that are designed to promote and sell your products on this hugely influential shopping website. But the challenge is, it’s often hard to get your offering seen, especially with growing competition flooding the space. We help you cut through the clutter and reach your prospective customers, landing more sales and money in your pocket.

What it includes

In the beginning, we’ll utilise our SEO wizardry to tweak all products in your suite so that they’re visible and engaging on this platform. This ensures you’re well-positioned to gain traction on the site, especially as it has its own trends and existing ecosystem.
From there, we’ll use external channels, where needed, to tie directly into the platform and promote your offering. On top of this, we’ll roll out PPC campaigns if we see it’s beneficial for your brand and complement it with other forms of advertising – like content or email marketing.

To set this up for the best possible results, we’ll discuss all of these elements with you from the very beginning. We’ll highlight all phases and action points in a concise strategy that becomes a roadmap to the campaign as a whole, keeping you in control of your spending and journey from start to finish.

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