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Google’s only one corner of the internet – something we often forget as we go about our everyday lives. To ensure you’re seen across all areas of the digital sphere, enlist the help of our Bing AdWords agency to cover all bases effectively.

What is Bing AdWords?

Not unlike Google Ads, this channel allows you to nominate a cost-per-click to place advertisements at the top of search results on Bing. From there, you can enjoy a PPC model that keeps you in control of your spend, appearing for high-volume keywords in your niche. As a result, you garner more views on your products and goods, converting warm customers into loyal ones.

The best part is, choosing to invest in Bing AdWords services is significantly cheaper than those on Google. Because the average cost-per-click is up to 70% lower, using this search engine as a marketing tool lets you take advantage of a channel that your competitors may be ignoring.

If you’re looking for a cost-effective, more affordable option than Google Ads, this may be the best option for your marketing efforts.

Is Bing as good as Google?

The jury is still out. While Google is obviously the dominator in the field, there’s no doubt that there’s still plenty of room for opportunity on Bing. In fact, this engine currently fuels both Yahoo! and Microsoft’s search capabilities – a big outlet for those looking to reap more traction online without investing in a competitive space like Google.
There are also other benefits to using this platform, including:

Let’s get started

If you’re ready to gain more traction through a channel that’s yet to be recognised by your competition, get in touch with Significant now. We can help you kickstart your PPC campaign on Bing, allowing you to reap traffic that your competitors are missing out on. Speak to our team now for easy, transparent guidance.

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