Land in front of your audience with a Google remarketing campaign

You know those ads that seem to be everywhere you look? It’s not fate. It’s plain-old retargeting, and when we’re in charge, it works a treat.

Fine-tuning all the controls on your Google Ads setup, Significant puts your money precisely where it matters, reeling in exponential revenue. It takes a little data science, a lot of profiling, and some room for R&D to nail engagement exactly where you want it. The good news is, you’re not doing any of it; we are – so you can focus on the important things in life while our team takes your online presence beyond its present limits.

Wondering how Google display retargeting works? Wonder no more

Brace yourself. This digital technology is a little techy. Luckily for you, we’re great at balancing the technical and creative.

Remarketing uses display network ads to find your audience online and remind them of their interest in your brand. This is done by embedding a pixel in their browsing history, following them where they wander across the web.

When they see that particular ad across their favourite hangouts enough times, your audience begins to think it’s destiny tugging at their sleeves. In reality, it’s Significant‘s PPC mastery that’s got them coming back to your site for more – and going straight to the checkout.

How we do it

Make your presence matter

Ads on their own can be passive, but we like to get engagement by remaining relevant and getting your message out where it matters most. This magnetic mix brings loyal customers back to your site time and time again.

Let Significant show you how it works with a specialised campaign of your own and see what happens. It won’t just be your customers that are coming back for more.

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