Land on top with Shopify SEO

Creating an attractive storefront online is one thing, but launching it on Shopify and getting customers to your virtual door, is another. Let us land you more sales for the long-term with strategic Shopify search engine optimisation that’s designed to convert. We’ll turn your platform into an influential, easy-to-navigate website for your users, all the while keeping you on top of search engine results pages on Google.

If your existing efforts haven’t hit the nail on the head and you’re failing to see traction, a local search could hold all the answers. So let’s kick things off.

What is Shopify SEO?

Not too dissimilar to traditional techniques, Shopify SEO targets this specific ecommerce platform with tailored tactics that give you the best possible results for your site. As this platform has its own restrictions, optimising it for Google isn’t as simple as if you had your own CMS to work with. So, we’ve learned all the right tricks of the trade to ensure all elements of these sites are able to dominate search traffic, still landing rankings that reel in enormous amounts of clicks, sales and conversions.

How do we approach this digital marketing tactic?

Using our extensive experience in the industry, we use the most innovative, up-to-date and whitehat techniques to create compelling SEO campaigns. But we do this with careful attention to detail, ensuring any measures we roll out advance your progress, not hinder them.
From the onset of your campaign, we will:
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