Reap the benefits of higher rankings on Google with proven strategies that are designed to land you more website traffic.

Stop looking for the best SEO company in Melbourne

You’ve found it. Thanks to our experience in the industry, we have a team of SEO experts readily on hand to make a difference to brands from all walks of life. If you’re looking to rise up the ranks on Google, your first step starts here with our tailored, results-driven campaigns.

Why do you need an SEO agency in Australia?

You could invest the time and energy into learning this complex trade, but truth be told, DIY approaches quickly fall out of date and become chaotic. With so much information and data to analyse and technical elements to implement, there’s always so much to action in order for search engine optimisation to be effective. Oh, and did we mention you also need to be a wordsmith? You’ll need to carefully create unique and compelling content to nurture your audience and placate Google’s algorithms, all at the same time. Yikes.

Luckily, we take the reins on all of this for you, completing all of the hard yards that make up the strategy. Use the expertise of our SEO consultants who know how to work every nook and cranny into success, ultimately creating a bigger and brighter future for your business.

Ready to kick things off? Get in touch with Significant now for a no-obligation, fuss-free quote. We’re always more than happy to answer questions and guide you into understanding how search engine optimisation works.

How does SEO marketing work?

Using the most influential keywords for your specific goods and services, we target these terms to identify and capture users interested in your offering. When they search for these phrases on Google, you’ll show up, sitting right at the top of the first page of search results.

As time goes on, we’ll carefully monitor the progress of your campaign, tweaking and amending the technical aspects that form your strategy to ensure long-term growth. As competitors lag behind with marketing strategies that are outdated, you’ll consistently earn credibility, authority and unparalleled website traffic.

Do the technicalities of Google ads blow your mind? Lean back, relax, and let a Significant Google AdWords export take the reigns.

Let Australia’s best AdWords agency drive your traffic

So you’ve gone the organic route, but need more flow. Pay-per-click (PPC) is the next level up, and it gets even more complicated than organic SEO.<br Bidding, keywords, and budget are all on the line when you choose this path. Without hard-earned experience, your funds can quickly dry up; better put them to use with a reputable agency that knows exactly what to do.

Why choose us for Google Ads?

Australia’s Significant digital agency has all the finesse to funnel traffic directly where you need it, without causing havoc on your finances. Our AdWords experts get down to the nitty-gritty of what your business does and only bid on the keywords that work to your utmost advantage, aiming for a ‘click = conversion’ equation. Whether that’s impressions, sales, or bookings – we garner traction on every campaign we run.

What we’ll do for you

The digital marketing trade hinges on effective language. Hitting upon a perfect phrase on search takes in-depth analysis, plus extensive knowledge on the intricacies of Google – and it’s not for everyone. That’s why PPC experts exist, and ours happen to be the best in Melbourne (arguably, across Australia).

With brainpower unlike any other, we:

● Find keywords that get you seen
● Bid on the most valuable, specific, and high-volume options within your budget
● Analyse your traffic to monitor the exact source of every stream
● Constantly scour the results for new opportunities that offer more for less
● Send you monthly reports, with break-downs that show you exactly what’s happening.



Two is better than one

If you want total domination within the sphere of your space, it’s going to take more than one tactic. Pair your PPC campaign with SEO to state your offerings loud and clear, and you’ll reap the rewards. Better get, get Google Ads retargeting on board to bring the visual element to your work, and have your audience coming back for more, time and time again.

Whether you’re in Perth or somewhere Down Under, the best PPC management professionals in Melbourne have the brains to put an effective tailor-made discussion together for you. Launch into a discussion and see how we can amplify your game now. You won’t regret it.

Google Shopping

Reel in more traffic to your products and gain an increase in sales for your ecommerce store with Google Shopping. Get started with Significant now.

Bing ads

Google’s only one corner of the internet – something we often forget as we go about our everyday lives. To ensure you’re seen across all areas of the digital sphere, enlist the help of our Bing AdWords agency to cover all bases effectively.

Youtube ads

Reap the benefits of a global video platform that’s more powerful than ever before.Advertise on YouTube and land more leads now. Call Significant now.


Experience a well-rounded marketing campaign on the world’s most powerful shopping site – Amazon. Put your products in baskets now with Significant.

Google remarketing

You know those ads that seem to be everywhere you look? It’s not fate. It’s plain-old retargeting, and when we’re in charge, it works a treat.

Google display

Want to get your vision out to the masses? Australia’s best display advertising agency is onto it. Contact us today and see Significant results every time.



Take your brand to the next level with social media advertising that triggers action from your biggest audiences. Contact Significant now.

We make social media marketing simple

Across Australia – and the world – finding traction online is becoming increasingly hard to do. Whether you’ve experimented with SEO and PPC and lacked results, or just want to cover all bases, social media promotion could be the missing link in your chain.

At Significant, we roll out influential, well thought out strategies on a suite of platforms – like Facebook and Instagram – to help brands land more conversions. From a bigger brand presence to increased SEO rankings and authority, we utilise social media marketing services to get you seen in all the right ways.

Now’s the time to invest in social media management

It doesn’t matter if you’re located in Melbourne, Brisbane or in the rural landscapes of Outback Australia – social media is a growing field of opportunity for all businesses far and wide. To ensure you’re taking advantage of this activity, we highly encourage you to explore the many opportunities now available in this space.

To give you some insights on why this advertising suite is worth the investment, here are a few key points to keep in mind:

Let’s get it started

If powering up your presence on social media is something you’re ready to do, we’re here and waiting to get started. Let’s start with a no-obligation discussion on your vision and guide you through what you can expect from our services. From there, we’ll craft a well-rounded strategy that suits your budget and objectives, implementing a roadmap to the future.

Get in touch with Significant now for a chat on your goals and brand objectives.

Imagine a site that delivers and drives conversions. Now let us create it. Contact our web designers and developers now.

End the hunt for the best web development agency in Melbourne

We believe crafting the perfect website build is somewhat of an artform. Thankfully, we’ve mastered it, with years of experience helping our experts to cultivate a reputation that’s unsurpassed in the digital sphere.

While aesthetics is one thing, the turning cogs of your pages all comes down to a high-quality web design and development. Blending navigability, technical factors, user experience and functionality together, we establish exceptional platforms for our clients both in Melbourne and wider Australia.

A quality website developer can make all the difference

You could hire a cheap alternative that’s just starting out in the ranks and hope for the best. But we can promise you that you won’t get the results or the longevity you need to succeed online.

With our team known to be filled with some of the best web developers in Melbourne, we’re able to ensure your platform delivers on all possible criteria that you need to overtake your competition. No matter what niche you’re in, we’ll craft you a site that delivers on your ROI, generates leads and cultivates a loyal following for the future – that’s our commitment to you.




How does our process work?

In the beginning, we’ll sit with you to discuss your objectives and better understand your vision. From there, we’ll audit your existing site (if you have one) and highlight room for improvement in your new build. Once you’re happy with the plan of attack, our web designers and developers will hit the ground running, bringing your new creation to life. You’ll also get the chance to refine the look and feel as we progress through each stage and will be kept in the loop of each step. In the end, you’ll be given the opportunity to test run your new site and ensure you’re happy with every possible element.

Sounds like a dream? Get in touch with Significant now to see how we can kick things off without a hitch. Based in Melbourne, we help businesses all across Australia turn their vision into a reality

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